Disputing Will Interpretations

Administering an estate can be a complicated task when the wishes of the will-maker are not clear. Leaving out an immediate family member may have been an oversight. An unexpected beneficiary may be the result of undue pressure or influence.

At Darychuk Law, our goal is to resolve these complications by providing legal support to protect your rights. If you believe a will has been misinterpreted, or need to defend the provisions of the will-maker, contact our office in New Westminster, B.C. for assistance.

Justification For Starting An Estate Claim

Depending on the situation and the relationships involved, a will-maker's estate may be obligated to provide for specific surviving family members. At Darychuk Law, we will determine what obligations the deceased's estate owes based on your unique circumstances.

If you represent the estate, we will gather the necessary information to support the will-maker intentions within the will. If you are starting a claim against the estate, our legal team will build your case on issues regarding:

Get Answers. Protect Your Rights

Not sure if you have grounds for a claim? Read our frequently asked questions for more information. You can also call our firm at 604-464-2644 or send us an email to arrange a free consultation. We also assist residents of the Tri-Cities area - Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody.