Unfair Distribution And Unequal Treatment

Estate litigation cases are not about changing the wishes of the will-maker. They are about identifying a will-maker's responsibility to provide some form of support to those left behind.

At Darychuk Law, our team is dedicated to advocating for the rights of surviving family members after a parent or loved one has passed away.

We offer supportive legal assistance and counsel for clients facing estate disputes in New Westminster and the Tri-Cities area.

Making The Case For Unfair Treatment

Trying to understand why certain items were left to one person and not another, can create disputes amongst family members.

A parent may decide to disinherit you because you identified as LGBTQ, or chose a religion they disagreed with or disproved of a lifestyle choice you made. In these cases, our legal team helps you answer the question "what would a judicious and reasonable parent have decided?"

In other cases, a parent may have been misinformed and decided to give one child a bit more inheritance.

Whatever your situation is, we will determine whether there are grounds to bring a claim and assist you in gathering the necessary information to defend your position.

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