Determining The Ownership Of Assets After The Passing Of A Loved One

Sometimes, a will-maker's last wishes may not be as clear as he or she intended. For instance, a sibling who holds title to his or her parents' property may face challenges from another sibling after their parents' passing.

Was the property intended for one sibling? Were other assets evenly distributed to the other sibling?

At Darychuk Law, our team has comprehensive knowledge of estate laws to assist you with finding the answers that apply to your situation. Based in New Westminster, B.C., we help clients throughout Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody sort out issues of ownership and the intentions of a deceased parent or loved one.

Protecting Your Ownership Rights

Challenging the ownership of estate assets may include jointly-held properties, bank accounts, and assets that may pass outside of a will such as gifts and insurance benefits.

If you are challenging listed beneficiaries for rightful ownership of specific assets, we will provide you with the necessary legal support to build our case and determine if the will-maker understood what decisions they were making.

We will identify the will-maker's state of mind at the time the will was created, and evaluate any evidence of undue pressure or influence.

Resolve Your Issues With Darychuk Law

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