Guidance And Legal Advice For Estate Mediation

Going to court means leaving the resolution of your matter in the hands of a judge. For many parties, they want to retain as much decision-making power as they can regarding the outcome of their case and choose mediation services over heading to court.

At Darychuk Law, we advise clients on the best way to negotiate a settlement through mediation. Based in New Westminster, B.C., our legal team will advise you on how to best represent your interests and pursue an effective solution using an external mediator.

An Alternative To Litigation

Mediation is a faster process than litigation. It's less adversarial - you don't bring exhaustive documentation of evidence to mediation - as well as more private, and cost-effective.

During the facilitated discussion, the mediator will not decide for you. He or she will encourage you to explain your position on the matter, and what solutions you believe you can both agree to. This process may also help you remove any toxic feelings amongst family members. You get to speak directly to the person challenging the contents of the will, instead of speaking through your lawyers.

Preparing You For Mediation

Our role is to advise you on how to best support your position on the matter, and present solutions that may satisfy both parties. We prepare you for this process by reassessing your goals, and identifying what solutions will produce the outcomes you are willing to accept.

Ask Us How To Best Protect Your Interests

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