Understanding Elder Law

Often, as a person ages, they become more dependant on the care of compassionate care workers, their children, or other trusted individuals. Elder Laws are in place to protect elder citizens from undue influence from these dominant relationships when they are making decisions.

Based in New Westminster, B.C., the legal team at Darychuk Law is dedicated to making sure elderly individuals are not taken advantage of when making their final testamentary decisions.

Protecting The Wealth Of An Elderly Parent Or Loved One

When someone is in a fragile, dependant state, a caregiver may threaten them by withholding care unless they make a certain provision within their will. Their decisions regarding their wealth could be at risk due to these undue pressures as they age and require additional care.

This is a growing concern in estates law as our ageing boomer generation heads into retirement age. Our firm leverages over 35 years of estate litigation experience to advocate on your behalf whether or not an elderly parent or loved one's wishes were respected or influenced.

Determining The State Of Mind Of The Will-maker

If an adult child moves into an elderly parent's home to provide care and convinces his or her parents to change the home ownership into a joint tenancy, did he take advantage of them? Did he or she take away from another sibling's interests in the property?

These are the types of difficulties estate matters may produce.

It is possible to piece together the state of mind of the will-maker - even if he or she has moved way or no longer has contact with the family. We know what questions to ask, what data to produce and what testimonies will support your position on whether the will-maker was taken advantage of or not.

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