Challenging Or Removing An Executor Or Trustee Of An Estate

Estate trustees are tasked with administering the estate of the deceased. However, family relationships and emotions may interfere with their judgment, and lead to abuse of power or ill-conceived decisions.

With over 35 years of estate litigation, the legal team of Darychuk Law is devoted to making sure an estate trustee correctly interprets the last wishes of the deceased.

Based in New Westminster, B.C., we guide clients through settlement negotiations and defending their positions at trial, if necessary. We also provide legal services throughout the Tri-Cities area - Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody.

Determining The Best Interests Of The Estate

An adult child, named as the estate trustee, may have made decisions that were unfair to other siblings. He or she may not have wound up the estate promptly, or made poor financial decisions regarding investments and selling a property.

Whatever the case may be, we will make a motion to the court to remove an estate trustee on your behalf if he or she is not looking after the estate's best interests.

The Rights Of Estate Trustees

We also represent estate trustees against accusations of misconduct. With our decades of experience, we understand both sides of the argument and know how certain actions can be misinterpreted. We know what information to gather, what data to present and what testimonies will be most effective to support your actions.

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