Who is at fault when a driver crosses a painted meridian to pass stopped vehicles and hits another car?

  • The driver who crossed the painted meridian is at fault

In Hanson v. Yun traffic was heavy.  Eastbound vehicles were stopped for a red light, and the line of traffic was several blocks long.  The claimant wanted to turn left onto the highway and travel west.  The intersection was clear, so he made his turn.  Unfortunately, the defendant chose that moment to drive over the painted meridian, pass a bus, drive through the intersection and enter the left turn lane ahead.  They collided in the intersection.

The judge decided that the defendant was 100% at fault.  Meridians are painted on the road to prohibit drivers from driving over them in order to avoid unsafe manoeuvers.  The defendant should have recognized that the vehicles ahead of him were stopped for a reason, and that a vehicle could be crossing.

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Read the case:  Hanson v. Yun