What is my pain and suffering worth?

  • Each case depends on its facts – there is no “meat chart” assigning a value to an injury.
  • The main factors are:  what is the injury, how disabling is it, and how long did it or will it last?

The courts frequently refer to the following factors to consider when determining awards for pain and suffering:

  1. age of the plaintiff;
  2. nature of the injury;
  3. severity and duration of pain;
  4. disability;
  5. emotional suffering;
  6. loss or impairment of life;
  7. impairment of family, marital and social relationships;
  8. impairment of physical and mental abilities;
  9. loss of lifestyle; and
  10. the plaintiff’s stoicism (as a factor that should not, generally speaking, penalize the plaintiff)

In one of our cases, our 40 year old client injured his neck, shoulders and back.  He was off work for about 2 ½ months.  He had virtually recovered in 8 months.  The judge was impressed by his candid description of his injuries.  The judge considered that he was somewhat inactive before the collision, so the injuries did not greatly interfere with his pre-collision lifestyle.   Our client was awarded $20,000 for his pain and suffering.

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Read the case:  Thomson v. Hunt