ICBC says that the damage to my car is so little that I could not have been injured. Will I get nothing?

  • No.  The courts do not accept that people cannot be injured if there is little damage to the car.

ICBC has a Low Velocity Impact Program that denies compensation to car accident victims where there is little or no damage the vehicle.  ICBC’s position is not supported by any medical or scientific evidence.

Fortunately, our courts have not accepted ICBC’s position.  In the case of Gordon v. Palmer, Mr. Justice Thackray stated:

“I do not subscribe to the view that if there is no motor vehicle damage then there is no injury. This is a philosophy that the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia may follow, but it has no application in court.  It is not a legal principle of which I am aware, and I have never heard it endorsed as a medical principle.

We have experience in cases where ICBC has denied claims under their LVI program and we can help you.