Can I recover the cost of the treatment I am getting?

  • Yes.  If you are following your doctor’s advice, you can recover the money spent on treatment.

In one of our cases our client was told by a doctor to do pulse signal therapy, a treatment not widely accepted by the medical community.  At trial ICBC’s doctor said that no study had ever validated this treatment.  He also said that chiropractic treatment was not advisable and could even prolong recovery.

The judge decided that both treatment costs were recoverable.  Our client undertook pulse signal therapy and chiropractic treatments because she was following a medically recommended course of treatment. The fact that another doctor later said that he would not have recommended such treatments is not a reason to deny this claim.

The judge also decided that chiropractic treatment was legitimate because our client said it helped to “take the pressure off” her back and provided some relief from pain.

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Read the case:  Wilson v. Manzano