Situations Involving Unjust Enrichment

Unpaid Work Increased The Value Of An Estate

Most successful family businesses are the result of the efforts of many family members. Sometimes, these efforts are unequal in that one child devotes themselves completely to building and maintaining the family enterprise with the expectation of taking over the business. When the parent passes, often this child is disappointed that their sacrifice is not acknowledged by a greater share of the estate.

Law Of Unjust Enrichment

The law provides that if the estate has been enriched by the efforts of the child and there is an unfairness or injustice, then a re-distribution of the estate can be ordered.

Our firm is well-equipped to assist if you believe you are not getting your fair share of the estate.

What we do at Darychuk Law is the legwork to prove that your contribution to the estate has not been recognized and to assist you in protecting your interests.

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