Gifts And Benefits That Pass Outside Of A Will

Insurance benefits are paid to the beneficiary named in the policy. Sometimes parents may gift large financial sums to adult children, or give one child a portion of his or her inheritance earlier than another. These gifts or other asset distributions may impact how the rest of the estate is divided amongst surviving family members.

The legal team of Darychuk Law provides legal assistance and support to parties disputing unfair or unequal distribution of an estate. We serve clients within the New Westminster community, as well as throughout the Tri-Cities area.

Over 35 Years Of Estate Litigation Experience

Gifts and benefits that pass outside of a will can be a tricky and challenging area to assess. We can appreciate that many clients do not deal with estate issues every day. Our firm has been guiding clients through estate disputes for over 35 years.

Our firm is well-equipped with the gathering the necessary information to determine:

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